July 13, 2024
How I Built This Podcast
By Neri Morris

There are some awesome resources out there for innovators and entrepreneurs. One such resource is the “How I Built This” Podcast by NPR, an independent not-for-profit media organisation based in the US. Amongst providing a variety of podcasts and resources, NPR hosts the “How I Built This” Podcast, hosted by Guy Raz. There are so many inspiring stories from a variety of industries and businesses, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this podcast as much as we have!

Below is the latest Podcast from Guy and his team- Allbirds: Tim Brown & Joey Zwillinger

Growing up, Tim Brown discovered he was very good at two things: design and soccer. While playing professional soccer in New Zealand, he was turned off by the flashy logos on most athletic gear. He started making simple canvas shoes for his teammates, but soon discovered a better material: soft merino wool from his country’s plentiful sheep. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, his future business partner Joey Zwillinger was frustrated that most companies lacked a genuine commitment to sustainability. In 2015, Tim and Joey teamed up to create Allbirds, a company with two ambitious goals: create the world’s most comfortable shoes, and do it in a way that was completely carbon-neutral. Today, just three years after launch, Allbirds is worth $1.4 billion. PLUS, for our postscript “How You Built That,” how Kirby Erdely saw a problem with flying beach umbrellas and developed a new kind of tent stake—with a twist.




Neri Morris

Neri Morris is the Comms & Marketing Manager for Seed and a Seed Incubator Alumni. She is the Creative Director for Thread Harvest, an ethical online fashion marketplace. Neri is a Christian author and speaker and can most often be found dipping her toes in the salty waters of Sydney's Northern Beaches with a coffee in hand. View her latest work at www.nerimorris.com

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