July 13, 2024
Faith Fuels Work.
By Seed Team

Original post: https://www.faithdrivenentrepreneur.org/blog/2020/3/12/faith-fuels-work-katie-adkins

Faith does more than just intersect with work. Faith fuels our work. Work is meaningless without faith because God created work and allows us to be His instruments in this world. He continuously reminds me that I cannot work without Him.

God has given me a passion for His work in our work. I love using the knowledge and skills that God gives me to help others discover their God-given talents, passion, and purpose. As a coach, I have the pleasure of seeing God work in and through my clients’ work and lives.

I recently had the pleasure of coaching a talented, driven woman who has a goal of becoming a lawyer. She was stuck and needed help processing in order to move forward towards her goal. I asked her questions to help her better understand her passions and circumstances. After we processed through her values and goals, she was re-energized and came up with a next step to move her towards her goal. She realized that she needed a reminder of why she desired to become an attorney. At the end of our call, she committed to writing out her “why reminder” and reads it when she gets stuck. This reminder would motivate her to continue to study for the LSAT.

I was blown away when she sent me her “why reminder” two hours after our coaching call. Below is part of her “why” reminder.

“When things get hard, remember how much you value justice. Remember that feeling you get when you see a wrong made right. Remember the joy that fills your belly when you remember how much God is a God of justice. Remember how many people you would be reflecting Christ to in the future. Think about how much glory God will get from your life in your work. Although you are not your future career, God can use your future career to bring people to Him through you. He can use you to be a light…Christ is a mediator, counselor, helper, intercessor, and an advocate! This is a good and godly career. God is honored by it. Keep going.”

Her “why reminder” motivated me to write my reminder below:

“When things get hard, remember God is with you and equips you to work. Remember that He calls you to ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go’ (Joshua 1:9). Remember the joy you feel when you see others realize that their work has dignity because God allows us to be His representatives. Remember God has given you unique talents and opportunities to build a business that honors Him. Remember God is using Adkins Talent Solutions now to draw you to trust Him more and more. Although you will have challenges and hard days, you can ‘take heart because Jesus has overcome this world’ (John 16:33). Christ is a mediator, counselor, helper, intercessor, and an advocate! God is honored when you trust Him fully with work and life. Keep praying. Keep seeking Him. Keep going Katie.”


Seed Team

Our desire was to create a community/organisation that helps people work out how to bring redemptive change by developing ideas and initiatives that more fully embodied the good news of Jesus beyond the walls of the church.

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